EnterMission counts on the teaching and contributions of many men and women who offer their time and expertise to our discipling experience. Heading up EnterMission is our team, which currently consists of:

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CHRIS IRWIN is the Director for EnterMission and a life-long missionary. Originally from Kentucky, upon completion of college, he went straight to Ecuador where he and his wife served as Team Expansion church planters for almost 20 years. They would later move to Spain where he would serve as the team leader for another church planting team. Chris has his masters degree from Wheaton College, is finishing his PhD from Johnson University and is the co-author of Missions In Focus. He is married to Nicia, and has four children, and two cats: one of which he loves and the other he tolerates.

Fun Facts:
  1. Absolutely loves Mixed Martial Arts (as a spectator!).
  2. Absolutely loves learning and deep conversations (really bad at small talk).
  3. Is an introvert who realizes it’s not an excuse to avoid and not love people.

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NICIA IRWIN is the Administrative Assistant for EnterMission and grew up as an MK in Zimbabwe and Brazil. She loves people and making even the most mundane tasks fun. She enjoys hearing people’s stories and asking lots of questions … just ask her kids! She does have a degree in Elementary Education, but only used it to torture her
children while attempting to homeschool.

Fun Facts:
  1. She can make a yummy meal when there is supposedly nothing left in the fridge.
  2. She loves making crafts, reading and cooking, but hates cleaning!
  3. Is an extrovert, but dislikes being up front preferring to be behind the scenes.

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DANNY WRIGHT used to lead backpacking trips, but currently serves as a minister at New Paradigm Christian Church in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. He has also been serving as the Chaplain and Internship Director at The Ark Christian Ministries and as a Chaplain at three Indianapolis area Midas stores. He recently finished his Master’s Degree at Cincinnati Christian University. His life was changed when he encountered the spiritual disciplines and the writings of Mike Yaconelli, Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton and others. He loves traveling and spending time with people, listening to their stories and helping them find the author behind their lives. He also loves serving as a gastronomic positioning system for himself, and others. He searches for the holy in the ordinary, and believes that we are to be well-versed in Scripture and culture. He is married to Melissa, and they have two daughters.

Fun Facts:
  1. Danny talks about popular culture at: www.zke247.com
  2. Danny has some crazy photos on Instagram: @yetimonk
  3. Danny serves as a documentary film reviewer for the Heartland International Film Festival.

ANYA LARUE is a Coach for EnterMission, which means she lives and works for the students under the leadership of Chris and Nicia. Her parents were missionaries in Russia, having lived there until she was six, and are currently part of a mission located stateside. In May 2020, she graduated from Johnson University with a Bachelors in Teaching English as a Second Language. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and seeing how God manifests himself in all the peoples on the earth.

Fun Facts
1. Has written a novel that she plans to publish.
2. Hopes to one day live overseas, teaching English to those who wish to learn it.
3. Wants a cat (as she finds much in common with them) but sadly is allergic. That fact may not stop her.

DAVID SKOW is a coach with EnterMission. He works with and for the students under the care of Chris, Nicia, and Danny. David grew up in central Indiana and recently (May 2020) graduated from Johnson University with a bachelor’s degree in Bible/Theology and Preaching/Youth Ministry. He believes deeply in the church’s pursuit of holistic spirituality both within the individual and community, the necessity of intentional discipleship, and the wedding of discipleship and evangelism as a singular cause. 

Fun Facts

  1. Despite his colorblindness, David has an associate’s degree in graphic design.
  2. In 1996, he won a contest claiming him to be the “most beautiful baby boy” in his home town. (This remains as one of his greatest accomplishments to date)
  3. David once stumbled into a volunteer role doing camera work for Francis Chan in a private workshop. (The footage has yet to be released, most likely because the camera momentarily slipped while he took a picture for proof)