When my daughter Kaylea was 11 or 12, her uncle came to Spain to attend a wedding and asked her to come along.  As they walked along the cobblestone alleyways of the city, they noticed all of the women so beautifully dressed for the wedding.  Her uncle commented on the beauty routine of women and why we like to get dressed up, and that’s when little Kaylea dropped some deep truth. “I think that we do it because it helps us forget how we really feel about ourselves.”

But women are not alone in this…and we are not only talking about body image.  All of us, know that for as great as our potential is, we are not as we aspire to be.  From birth, we are oh-so-beautiful yet oh-so-broken.  And while life provides countless opportunities for growth and repair, it also has a way of beating and tearing us down.

I saw a quote recently that spoke to this (and to me) although I altered it slightly.  I then found a picture that I love which captures the beauty of the human spirit which God has so wonderfully designed.

You are a Spirit in a body… not a body with a spirit…

So making the body beautiful is fun, 

but making the Spirit beautiful is the divine task of us all.

Body and Spirit.  Theory and Practice.  Faith and Works.  There is a tendency to focus on one to the detriment of the other.  EnterMission seeks to blend it all, providing both inner-reflection and development as we serve with a hands-on approach across cultures.  There is a cost, both financial and spiritual… but it is a divine task that we are so eager to engage in.

If you are unsure of your next steps in life, but you know that you want to not “just” believe, but to live and express your faith in practical ways, then consider our 10 month, life-changing experience where you will live in community with others, learn and serve.  We are made beautiful, we have been redeemed by the Savior, but our spiritual beautification and growth is always the fruit of steps of faith.  Why not take this step in 2020–and be part of our first EnterMission team?